What the sessions are about

Each week you’ll learn a dynamic law of success, that when practiced, will elevate your financial and life prosperity levels. Here are the session titles and the benefits you can gain.

Week 1: Choose to Be the Master of Your Destiny

Success begins by taking full and complete responsibility for the achievement of desirable financial, career, and life goals. You’ll do this in this week’s session, and the moment you emotionally do it, you’ll immediately enjoy a more abundant future beginning to open up.

Week 2: Fix Your Mind on Specific Objectives

Once you make a firm decision to take full responsibility for your life, you’ll write out specific objectives you want to enjoy in your future. You’ll learn a workable five-step Goal Achievement System™. You’ll be given complete instructions about how to cause your new goals to come into reality.

After you’ve completed this week’s activities, you’ll have done a success-producing activity that over 95 percent of all living people have never done.

Week 3: Trim Your Expenses to Weigh Less than Your Income

If you’ve previously found it difficult, and certainly no fun, to budget—we have a simple process we call the Financial Freedom Fundamentals. You’ll learn this process this week, along with an easy to implement planning form—Trim Your Expenses to Weigh Less Than Your Income.

These tools don’t just give you good advice, rather they lead you through an easy to follow prosperity process that helps you have greater confidence and control of your finances.

money hole

Week 4: Set Aside for Yourself a Part of Everything You Earn

With the first three laws as a foundation, you’re ready for this one. You’ll enjoy a fun, exciting game you can play each day that will put a surprising amount of extra money in your pocket. It’s almost like discovering “newly-found” money.

In your materials, you’ll receive a Money Bag, and as you play the daily game, you’ll enjoy money flowing into your bag almost like magic. The “newly-found” money you discover can then be used for savings or to pay debt.

Week 5: Increase Your Income by Multiplying Your Value to Others

You’ll learn a success principle that’s hidden from most people but almost always works for you when you practice it. You’ll learn how observing this dynamic law helps you reach higher levels of prosperity than you could have otherwise enjoyed.

You’ll learn this unerring Law of Financial Compensation that pays you back consistent with the service you render to others. Study any successful person and you’ll see that they have either consciously or unconsciously practiced this law.

Week 6: Invest with the Greatest Prudence and Safety

You may or may not now be in a position of making investments, but when you practice all the first five laws and you soon will be. So it helps to prepare your thinking for the day when you’ll have money to invest. Or, you may now be an investor or even a very sophisticated one, looking to expand them. Whatever your situation currently is, you’ll learn about a Progression of Human Needs™ model that will answer many questions about the goals you set. It will reveal to you why you either reach or fail to achieve them.

Week 7: Borrow Only What You Have the Ability to Repay

Few people escape the use of credit, and often because of circumstances, we either abuse or have difficulty handling it. Should you discover yourself in either of these categories, you’ll find help in this week’s session.

You’ll learn a workable plan for handling your debt that can assist you in keeping good credit ratings and earning the respect of your creditors—as well as your own increased self-respect.

your actual financial situation

Week 8: Establish Good Habits and They Will Establish You

Your current financial situation is largely the result of certain habits that you’ve developed and now automatically practice. To change your future financial condition, you’ll probably have to develop new, more success-producing habits.

Remember that your current financial condition is only a symptom that’s being driven by the deeper causes of your habits and thinking patterns. You’ll learn about the Law of Habit Power and why most people fail when they try to break old habits.

Week 9: Choose to Associate With Wise, Successful People

This week’s session takes you still deeper into the causes of higher levels of personal and financial success. You’ll learn about the Law of Human Synergy.

Here’s the law: When two or more people or forces work together in a cooperative, harmonious way toward common goals, there arises a force that’s greater than the individual powers.

But, more than just learning it, you’ll put pen to paper and apply it.

paper dolls

Week 10: Increase Your Wealth by Sharing It

This week brings you a deeper success principle that will add higher meaning and significance to your life. You’ll learn a paradoxical law of joyful, purposeful living that escapes people who haven’t experienced the step-by-step growth process that you have these past few weeks.

People who are wise enough to grasp and espouse this profound law will enjoy elevated lives, filled with greater purpose, meaning, and joy. These values and beliefs will then usher in ever expanding levels of success, prosperity, and abundance.

A New Educational Paradigm

Differing from old traditional educational processes that only teach people information, this course goes much deeper. It presents information but then gets you applying and practicing success principles in your real life situations.

You learn by experiencing. By discovering. By practicing. By doing.

In traditional, intellectual educational models, most of what you learn is quickly forgotten. But, because Money2Spare™ is integrated into your real life experiences, you’ll retain much more than in most other learning models.