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I received the kit of materials. How do I use the online course?

The online course is designed to guide you through a 10-week process. For each of the 10 weeks, there are four website pages with information you’ll use during the week and one page specifically for reporting the results of your efforts. The content is presented in the following order each week:

  1. A Welcome page that tells you what the session is about and what you’ll gain.
  2. A Self-Assessment that helps you evaluate yourself in relation to the session’s subject.
  3. A Listen page that introduces an audio message suggesting important success tips.
  4. An Action page that suggests specific actions you can take to help internalize the weekly messages.
  5. A Report page where you evaluate your practice and success for the week and identify specifically what you have learned from your practice.

Each week, you’ll also download and print a Weekly Success Journal that includes valuable worksheets and exercises. These pages are then stored in the binder you receive as part of the shipped course materials.

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How do I access the online course?

When your materials were purchased, an email was automatically generated noting your unique licensing code. Return to the Money2Spare Home page and complete the Registration process (this takes less than three minutes) using the link at the bottom center of the page. A key part of registration is selecting your own Username and Password. When Registration is successfully completed, you may immediately return to the Money2Spare Home page and Log On with your username and password.

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Should I wait until I receive my kit of materials to start the online course?

You may, however it’s not required. As soon as you receive your course licensing key, you may access the online course content as noted above.

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What happens if I miss a week?

As soon as possible, you should pick up exactly where you left off and continue. You will receive a word of encouragement from Ron Willingham and your Accountability Partner if you fall behind.

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Why can’t I complete my weekly report right away?

There is a time delay built into the online system between the sharing of information and your ability to access the Report section to comment on how well you applied the information in your daily life. This is not intended to hinder your progress; it’s just the opposite. There is an enormous difference between intellectually knowing and unconsciously doing. The Money2Spare™ course is most unique from other online courses for this very reason. Action steps, time lapse and repetition are purposely integrated into the course as tools to help you build new, successful, unconscious behaviors.
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What is the importance of the Action steps?

The Action-step dynamics are the key to Money2Spare’s behavior changing—life changing design. Knowledge is not power until it is put into action! The Action steps of the course help you learn by knowing, doing and experiencing in your real world the ideas presented from week to week. It’s in the application of the knowledge over time that new habits are formed. This is how you begin to discover the Law of Habit Power.

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Why do I need an Accountability Partner?

It is a part of human nature that when there is a trusted, respected person in our lives holding high expectations for our success, we will try harder and achieve greater things than we would working alone. This is why individuals with personal trainers, tutors and success coaches continue to grow long after others will have plateaued or quit altogether.

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I have signed up for the course but my materials have not arrived. Can I continue? Who should I contact?

Unless your order is part of a large corporate order, you should have received a shipping notification by email when your materials left the fulfillment center. This typically occurs within 2 business days of your purchase. This notice has information included in it for online tracking of the shipment. If you have not received this notice or more than 10 days have passed since your purchase, you may contact LifeScript Learning at 602-956-0030.

Because your all-important Weekly Success Journal pages are retrieved online, you may continue through the course without the shipped materials. You will likely want to catch up on your reading assignment(s) once the materials arrive.

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What should I do if the Audio message on the Listen page will not play?

You only need speakers or headsets to hear the audio messages. You do not have to download the message in advance, although this option is available to you. If you cannot hear the audio when you left click on the online player’s “play” button, please check to make sure you do have speakers and/or headsets plugged into the appropriate outlet. You will also want to confirm that the volume setting on your computer is not muted.

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What do I do if I forget my password? (email, username, password, address, contact information)

On the homepage of the Money2Spare site—just to the left of the “Login” button in the lower right corner—there is an option for you to enter your username and select “Forgot Password?” You will receive an email from the administrator of the system reminding you of your password.

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How long is my kit license valid?

Once a license key is distributed and the online course is accessed, the key holder may access the system for twelve months.

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May I transfer my kit license to someone else?

No. License keys are specifically assigned to an individual user.

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Where do I find the pages that go in the kit binder?

At the bottom of each session’s Welcome page there is a link to the printed Weekly Success Journal. You may open and print; or you may choose to open, save to your computer and then print the pages.

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Who has access to my responses to the weekly Self-Assessments?

You are the only person who will know how YOU responded to the Self-Assessment. It is possible that high-level reports will be generated to compare responses across regions, countries, companies, etc. These reports will never identify a responder by name or accountability partner.

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Who has access to my responses to the weekly Reports I submit?

You are the only person who will know how YOU responded to the Report questions each week. It is possible that high-level reports will be generated to compare responses across regions, countries, companies, etc. These reports will never identify a responder by name or accountability partner.

It is, however, encouraged that you share some—if not all—of your responses with your Accountability Partner. Having this level of information will put him/her in a position to better support your efforts. All Accountability Partners are frequently reminded that any information you share is to be treated as highly confidential.

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May I review online content from sessions I have already completed?

Yes. Simply left click on “Session” from the upper right menu bar. A drop down will appear and you may back track and review any completed session.

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If I accidentally delete my email copies of my online Reports, are they lost completely?

No. You may return to the online system, access and print any previously completed Report.

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If I do not receive my License Key by email within 1 hour, what should I do?

License Keys are automatically generated when your purchasing information is confirmed through your credit card company. If there was a problem processing your credit card information, you should have immediately seen an on-screen message stating there was a problem.

However, if you saw no error during the purchasing process but have received no License Key email, it’s likely that the email has been blocked or quarantined at the internet level by your service provider. To protect subscribers, many internet service providers quarantine all auto-generated email messages in case they are spam or phishing messages.

This is the first place you will want to look if more than 10 minutes passes and your email does not arrive. To do this you must access your internet-based email account and open the Spam folder. (This is different from your Outlook spam folder.)

In this spam folder, look for an email from:

Money2Spare []

When you locate this message, left click on the email, and then select the option that tells your service provider this is not spam. In most cases, you will only have to do this one time; then all other messages from Money2Spare will process normally.