When the student is ready The teacher appears

You now have the opportunity to experience a learning and becoming process that will take you into new and higher levels of personal and financial success.

You’ve just learned about the benefits of the course—how you’ll reach higher goals, discover “new money” each week, effectively manage your finances, handle your debt, and expand your whole prosperity consciousness.

Now. . .you must compare the benefits or rewards you’ll enjoy against the investment you’ll pay. It’s like this:


The Investment

Here’s what your investment will be:

  • A small tuition fee. This should be recovered within in the first month by the “new money” we’ll help you discover each week.
  • Your focus of a few minutes each day—listening to an audio message, and applying success principles in your daily activities.
  • Making this a priority for ten weeks.
  • Willingness to learn and change old habits.

The Rewards

We know that when you follow our simple directions each day, you’ll:

  1. Reach higher goals.
  2. Control your spending.
  3. Get out of debt faster.
  4. Increase your ability to earn more money.
  5. Attract and keep more money.

You’ll catch a whole new vision of who you are and what you can become, have, achieve, or enjoy.
We believe that your rewards will be many times the cost to you. In fact your investment should be returned to you many times over.

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