This is Your Opportunity to Enroll in a Dynamic Ten-Week Online Course. . . .

When you enroll in the course, we’ll send you a material kit that coordinates with the online course.  You’ll also receive your personal code for opening each week’s session.  Here are the learning processes:


These action steps will help you:

  1. A Welcome page that tells you what the session is about and what you’ll gain.
  2. A Self-Assessment that helps you evaluate yourself in relation to the session’s subject.
  3. A Listen page that introduces an audio message suggesting important success tips.
  4. An Action page that suggests specific actions you can take to help you internalize the weekly messages.
  5. A Report page where you evaluate your practice and success for the week and send it in to us.

Financial Freedom Results From Doing, Not Just Knowing

When you follow the action steps you’ll break out of old limiting thinking patterns and develop expanded self-beliefs and success expectations.

Our action dynamics differentiate Money2Spare™ from most other online courses that just communicate ideas.  Remember that knowledge is not power!  It’s the application of knowledge that creates power!